Less than 24 hours from the start.

Well… It’s nearly time. I’ve battled with weight my entire life only to arrive at this moment.   By the end of the day I will have received a call to know what time to be at the hospital for admittance for my weight loss surgery, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

This has been a tough decision to make, one that has not been done in haste or without intense reflection. My brother had made the exact same decision many years ago, but unfortunately 3 days after having his surgery he passed away due to cardiac arrest within the hospital. Of course that thought has plagued my mind every. single. day. since deciding to have this surgery… So much of our stories is eerily similar. Yet, so much of our story could not be more different.

I am going into this surgery with faith in the doctors and faith in my God. Faith that I am doing the correct thing at the correct time, with the correct reasons. I try to pray, but I never remember and get distracted… Not now, though. Now I have had no issue with praying daily for safety covering me and my wife, and my family.

Tomorrow starts a new era for me. Tomorrow is a new beginning. I fully intend to maximize this surgery to everything it has to offer. To not be part of the statistic that only loses a small portion of weight, and especially to not be the statistic of weight regain. This is way too much of a change, way too much of reflection and there is no room for failure.

Hope you’ll stick around as this site evolves along side my body transformation. I hope to gain more health, more confidence, and attain the faith that can move a mountain.

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3 Responses to Less than 24 hours from the start.

  1. Florencio Gary Vigil says:

    Hey Chris,
    First off, good for you. Second, I am going to dump my association with OH. I think a year is about all of that place I can take. I applaud your ability to let God shine in your posts and thoughts. I have a deep belief and relationship with Jesus. Prayer is part of our (my family) daily activities. I am reluctant to share it at OH because I am not able to avoid being labeled judgmental. I will continue being friends with some people there. I want to follow your journey, it will help me to remember how fun my own experience has been. I will keep you in my prayers and hope the surgery is done with hands touched by God. Good luck Chris.

    • chris says:

      Hey Gary, thanks for the reply. Yea, that place can definitely be tough. So many people are so quick to assume they’re being attacked, and attack right back… Its hard for me to just bite my tongue and move on. I used to frequent the board when I first considered surgery but then stopped after quite some time. It has changed a lot since then.. Was much better someyears ago.

  2. Jess says:

    You’ve got this! Your faith certainly makes all the difference. Well wishes and prayers throughout your journey.

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