RTIC Tumblers – Control your beverage temp!

Most people are probably aware of that YETI craze going on around the coolers and/or tumblers. They keep your drinks cold (or hot!) for hours, they don’t condensate, they’re room temperature to the touch, etc…

However, they’re also SUPER pricey ($40+)!

RTIC Tumblers

Behold, the RTIC tumbler! You can get these on Amazon with free shipping, which is awesome, right?

I’ve been using my 30 oz (with optional handle) to keep my cooler liquids cold. I add a few ice cubes, my water and my Mio Fit and have a surplus of chilled water (but not ice cold, my sleeve can’t really enjoy that yet) for hours. Can’t stand room temperature! My theory is try for TWO full glasses a day and I’ll have exceeded my water intake for the day, which I have done consistently since getting out of hospital!

The 11oz lowball has been fantastic for sipping warm liquids! For me that has just been broths mixed with protein, but could be used for tea, coffee, or even colder liquids.

Check them out, I definitely recommend the buy!

30 oz tumbler w/ lid – $22.40: http://amzn.to/1VBjIAd

11oz tumbler w/ lid – $19.77: http://amzn.to/1O7sG6F


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